Astronomy Outreach

Amateur astronomy brought me into the world of professional astrophysics. I had the passion in my childhood, when I first noticed the glowing band of the Milky Way in a crisp clear night sky, which only left me with a plethora of questions. What are all those points of light? How did those stars form? How did this Earth form? How did we as humans come into existence? Are there other people in other worlds? Many years have passed since then, but still these questions keep me awake at night.

I was fortunate enough to meet other people with the same passion during my undergraduate years. While back in Nepal, we did a lot of activities related to astronomy to generate astronomical awareness for the public. These activities included, but were not limited to, public observation programs, press releases of astronomical events, talks and seminars in schools and so on. The awestruck eyes of the public, whether after observing the rings of Saturn, moons of Jupiter, or the Orion nebula, always motivated me to learn and spread more in astronomy.

My path of amateur astronomy just didn’t end in Nepal. Even after I started my PhD in the USA in 2012, I regularly visited local astronomy clubs and schools to give talks and actively participated in observing programs. I love explaining astronomy topics in simple language so that everyone can understand. In turn, doing such talks keep me motivated to attain my goal. After all, I feel the beauty of astronomy when I look up at the night sky.

A few selected pictures of my activities at the amateur level are displayed in this webpage, which really shows only tip of the iceberg. Full details of these programs and much more activities that I was involved can be found in http://astronomy-nepal .blogspot.com .

Solar observation program for students with the PST. Venue: St. Xavier’s college, Kathmandu. Date: December, 2011.
Star party for the public. Venue: Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Khumaltar, Kathmandu. Date: February, 2012.
Presenting about astronomy popularization and outreach in Nepal in the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU meeting (APRIM). Venue: Chiangmai, Thailand. Date: July, 2011.
Kids space project and observation in remote village of Nepal. Venue: Parasi, Nepal. Date: May, 2010.
Galilean moons observation and outreach program. Venue: Dhangadhi, Nepal. Date: October, 2009.
Day time moon observation for school kids. Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal. Date: March, 2008.
Volunteering at the Astronomers Without Borders booth in North England Astronomy Festival (NEAF). Venue: Suffern, NY, USA Date: April, 2013.
Public observation program in Tokha. Venue: Tokha, Kathmandu. Date: November 2011.
Observation program for students of Central department of Physics of Tribhuvan University. Venue: Kirtipur, Nepal Date: March 2010.
Annular solar eclipse observation campaign. Venue: NAST premises, Kathmandu. Date: January 2010.
Grand Astronomy Outreach to celebrate IYA2009. Venue: Bhaktapur, Nepal. Date: November, 2009.
Former Prime minister of Nepal Mr. Madhav K. Nepal observing the total solar eclipse observation program. Venue: NAST premises, Kathmandu. Date: July, 2009.